Taking a vacation is always a well deserved getaway from the everyday, but it can also be expensive. The good news is with a few tools in your back pocket you can find ways to save on your vacation everytime. It involves a little bit of research and work on your part, but your wallet will thank you later.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

Purchasing tickets in advance online can help make a memorable vacation on a tight budget. Sites like Groupon can give you an insiders perspective on what there is to do in the area and provide discounted rates. If you’re travelling to a place like Niagara Falls (where we’re located) that has many attractions to offer, it would be nearly impossible to see everything on a strict budget. If you research the attractions you want online, more often than not, you’ll find a cheaper online rate that will save your group time and money.

Groceries and Snacks

The costs associated with staying in a hotel often exceeds the primary room investment. Providing quality food at a reasonable price can be challenging, especially for larger families or groups. How can you satisfy everyone involved while not breaking the bank? You stock up on easily portable snacks and groceries, take advantage of that inroom mini ridge for snacks like apples. Or if you go the vacation home route, you’ll have access to a full kitchen with all of the appliances and luxuries of home, allowing for a lot of freedom in food choice and serving time. Food can be costly at hotels, but when you stay in a home you can have all of the choices you normally would at your disposal.

Research Public Transit

Public transit options are a viable and affordable option for people staying in a new city. Parking and gas can add unnecessary added expense to your vacation. Use the options that the city provides to save extra money. Getting dropped off in the heart of the city can provide unexpected and memorable adventures without worrying about parking fees and locations.

Consider a vacation rental

Vacation rental homes can provide more space in a cost effective manner.  They also provide all of the amenities of home without added cost.  If you’re looking to save on accomodations consider looking into vacation rental homes. If you’re not sure if a vacation home is right for your family, click here to learn a bit more about them.

Senior, Student, and Military Discounts

Discounts are offered at tourist destinations for a variety of reasons. Students, seniors, and Military personnel are popular contenders. Remember to bring your proper identification to prove any of these requirements apply to you in order to get the desired discount. Another great card that can provide discounts is your CAA/AAA card, do your research for what business take it and which do not.

Walking into your vacation with a little less financial stress will simply put you in a better mood and will make your vacation better. Enjoy the perks of saving money on your vacation and take our advice to heart next time you plan that family getaway.

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