How do you ensure that the corporate rental that you choose for yourself or your boss is a quality rental? When you are searching for extended stay rentals in an unknown location it can be difficult to find that trusting element in your rental. The best place to start, is to figure out if the property uses a property manager and then research that property manager’s business.

If a corporate rental uses a property management company you can be assured (at most times) that those rental properties are serviced and maintained on an ongoing basis.  Property managers are used by owners to ensure that clients are happy and that their stays are enjoyed to the fullest.

When choosing a corporate rental, a rental with property management makes the biggest difference:

Access to multiple rentals

Where there is one there is many. Property management companies and property managers handle a number of corporate and executive rental homes and apartments. If you have found one rental property that you like, chances are they will have many more to choose from in their portfolio. Tap into the property managers resources to help you find the best corporate rental for your needs.


Accepts multiple forms of payment

When a corporate rental is listed on a property management website, chances are you will have access to more forms of payment then if you rented from a owner-owned home. Many of these managers will also allow you to pay online which can work better for your accounting systems.


Professionally maintained rentals

Many corporate rental owners employ a property manager because they run their own cleaning and maintenance services. This ensure that the property is always well maintained from surfaces to the outdoor areas. If you are staying for an extended period of time, this takes a burden off your back. You will not be concerned with cleaning a home or maintaining the accompanying yard.

Round the clock customer service

A corporate rental with a larger property management company ensure that you will always be able to reach someone in case of an emergency or any repairs. This brings peace of mind for the duration of your stay. They will have the staffing to be able to take care of the problem immediately.

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  1. My father recently purchased a rental property. He lives a couple of hours away from the area, so he’s looking for a good rental property management firm to help him take care of it. I didn’t realize how important it is to choose a company that has customer service available around the clock to ensure there is a contact you can reach in case an emergency occurs. I’ll be sure to share this information with my father.

  2. I appreciate you talking about how choosing a good property manager can help your tenants get the help they need in an emergency. It is important to remember that in order to get the best managers it is necessary to consult with the BBB and make a list of candidates. Personally, I would want to find property managers that care about their clients and keep me in the loop about how my tenants are doing.

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