The thought of renting a house thousands of miles or kilometres away from home can be overwhelming. With hotels, the brand’s reputation speaks volumes and their locations are normally in carefully selected locations that benefit tourists and travellers. Vacation rental homes are different, they’re often in residential neighbourhoods and you really do not know the people that you’re renting from.

There are many, many benefits to renting vacations rentals over hotels however, and if you ask the rights questions and do the right due diligence before booking you will love your vacation rental experience.  Whether you are renting a home in an exotic destination or simply looking for a Niagara Falls vacation rental the following tips will help you find the rental your tribe needs.

Study the photos

The photos will give you a visual representation of the home and can tell you how it is laid out and what kind of comforts you can expect. Higher quality photos often indicate that the renter cares about the business of renting out their home.  Zoom in on the photos and ensure that to keep a mental checklist of the amenities you desire and whether they are present in the house.


Read the reviews

Transparency about the home and the rental owner or manager can be found in reviews and previous tenants experiences.


Study location and amenities

Do you want to be within walking distance of the tourist area? Would you rather be in a home located near a beach? How important is public transportation access? There are many different communities in Niagara and so there are many different types of rental. Perhaps you want to be right by Clifton Hill area or maybe you’d prefer a house among the vines in Niagara wine country. Also consider how close the house is to amenities like restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores.


Know your preferences

What do you want and need from the home? Will everyone travelling need their own room? Do you have young kids and would you prefer an open living area to keep an eye on what is going on? Do you want backyard seating and access to a barbecue. The more you know about your preferences the easier it will be to zoom in on your choice home.


Ask the right questions

With any rental experience, you want to protect your interests and understand the costs associated. You may want to start by asking the below questions and add anything else that is of concern to yourself.

  • What is included in the rental fee? (Cleaning, internet, tv,etc.)
  • How much deposit do you require and what is your cancellation policy?
  • What is located around the rental?
  • How often is the rental cleaned?
  • What is your policy if something is broken or we have issues with the rental?


Vacation rentals are a growing market and the reason so many are choosing vacation rentals over a hotel stay is the comforts, spaciousness and price tag rentals offer. It’s the better way to stay and when you know to what to look for and what to ask you’ll find the right vacation home.

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  1. My family and I are planning on having a little vacation in a few months and need to rent a vacation home. Thank you for talking about how you can read the reviews to make sure they place you want is a good one and you can rely on it to be safe and have fun. I would want to make sure I take my time to compare several properties and choose the one that is the most convenient and safe.

  2. The Vacation Rentals are growing very fast in the market which indeed is a great sign. As they provide a lot of advantages to the visitors.

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