When you’re chosen to relocate for work by your company, it can feel like a great thing if you don’t often get to travel, or a hassle if you’re stuck constantly travelling for business. Extended work placements can feel like a complete move to a new city and unless you know some hacks to enhance your stay, you may be stuck constantly feeling that you were back home. These extended stays should be enjoyable as you’re in a city that forces you to get out of your personal bubble and explore. Here are some corporate travel hacks that you can use to make your travel and stay in a new city easier.

Load up on mobile apps for assistance

Apps make life easier, it’s that simple. There are many great apps that you can utilize when in a new city from transit apps to restuarant review apps to budget management apps, you’re sure to stay organized if you use some of these great apps.

  • TransitApp – This app offers trip-planning, vehicle tracking, and saving locations and is considered one of the best travel-apps in the market in North America. It integrates all types of transport, including bus, bikes, and even Ubers and Car2Go’s.
  • City Maps 2Go – With map information compiled by OpenStreetMap (a Wiki-like resource where users update map data), maps are constantly updated and can help you get around a specific city. This app is great for a local’s perspective on the city and places emphasis on landmarks, restaurants, and venues.
  • Mint – An extraordinary personal finance app that allows you to easily track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders, pull up your accounts, cards, and investments, and even get customized tips on how you can save money.


Choose corporate housing: a home-away-from-home

Hotels are usually the go-to when looking for places to stay during a corporate trip. However, corporate rentals should be the number one choice as they come with more options and ammenities and are cost competitive with extended stay hotels. Average rental rates for corporate apartments are 30-50% less than those charged by luxury hotels.

Corporate housing gives you the opportunity to have your loved ones stay with you at no extra cost compared to a hotel in which you’re usually forced to book another room or extra beds. Hotels also tend to have common furnishings throughout the building, whereas with corporate rentals you can shop through rentals and pick the one with the furnishings ( and the layout!) that you’d like to enjoy. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a coporate rental is that you get to feel at home and enjoy privacy.


Plan for your extended stay in Niagara accordingly

More often than not you’ll find some small, can’t live without, gadget that you always use isn’t available at your corporate stay. Although the corporate rental offers you a full home experience, some of these tools are great assets to carry to ensure you’re not getting home sick.

  • Knife sharpener – Sometimes you’ll run into the problem of dull knives in a corporate rental, avoid this by bringing a portable knife sharpener
  • Google Chromecast – Although some apartments provide Netflix now, for the most part you’ll be stuck with local TV. Chromecast lets you stream whatever you want on TV through your laptop and some Wifi, making for a good night on the couch.
  • Power strip – If you’re staying for an extended periods, you may start to notice the lack of outlets in the apartment. Bring along a small power bar for some extra plug space and potential USB ports to charge your phone.
  • Spices & coffee/tea – There are many portable spice carriers out there, giving you the chance to load your favourite spices for the trip rather than scrambling out to find spices once your meal is already cooked. Although coffee and tea are usually complementary, there may not be enough for your coffee/tea drinking habits. Be sure to bring some coffee/tea with you so you’re prepared for those early mornings.


Corporate rentals are a great way to make working in a new city a little more enjoyable. You may miss out on your regular routine and hangouts, but there are many things you can do to get used to a new city and feeling at home is one of those first steps. Try out these hacks the next time you go on a corporate travel trip and see for yourself how much more enjoyable your time doing business on the road is. Niagara Smart Stays offers Niagara and Toronto corporate rentals for both short-term and long-term stays. Connect with us today to find out how we can help you find corporate housing to meet your needs.

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