Niagara’s Premiere Extended Stays Rentals

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Fully furnished, amenity rich accommodations in Niagara and Toronto

Find the Perfect Executive Rental

Our temporary housing rentals are ideal for:

Temporary work assignments, families in between homes, temporary living during home renovation, relocation, insurance displacements and corporate housing.

Whether you’re in town for a month or a year, our flexible booking process will ensure you’re covered regardless.


Long-term and Short-term Rentals

With over 70 lease-free rentals between Niagara and Toronto, we are confident that we have the executive rental you've been looking for.

Whether you need temporary housing for a week or for a year, Niagara Smart Stays will work with you to accommodate your needs throughout your stay.

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Corporate Rentals

Niagara Smart Stays offers amenity rich luxury homes that are ideal for corporate relocation or temporary work assignment. 

Our corporate concierge will assist with location selection and introduce you to local amenities to create ease in what could otherwise be a stressful experience. Find your next Niagara corporate rental.

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Niagara Insurance Placements 

In the event that your Niagara home becomes damaged by storm, fire or catastrophe, your family should not have the additional stress of finding suitable accommodations.

We offer a wide range of Niagara extended stay homes that provide the comfort, convenience and, perhaps most importantly, the security for your family during this period of transition.

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