Invest in a Niagara vacation property

This is your opportunity to make a revenue driven investment guided by Niagara’s vacation rental market leaders. We’ll help you to grow your real estate portfolio with a uniquely turnkey program focused on exceptional ROI.

The Niagara Smart Stays Investors Program was made for investors who seek a low-risk, high-gain addition to their growing real estate portfolio. We help you find the optimal vacation rental home to purchase and then literally take everything off your hands. While you are seeing a monthly return on investment we are professionally maintaining, managing and marketing your property.



Getting started

Working with Niagara Smart Stays is seamless from the beginning. We start with an application and an in-person consultation to determine what type of investment is right for you. Our program accommodates a variety of interested investors provided they have good income and good credit.


Property management 

Here’s where we differ from other property management companies. We combine property maintenance, management, and marketing into one comprehensive package. Our professional team provides a 100% turnkey homeownership experience. Your home is immaculately maintained for value retention and is consistently rented for monthly cash flow. Our maintenance packages include house cleaning, yard maintenance, landscaping, laundry services and more.


Growth opportunities

Your investment has become an income generating asset and now that you are a part of the Niagara Smart Stays Investors Program we can help you to develop a multiple property investment strategy. This strategy will maximize your long-term growth opportunities and minimize your overall investment. This program aligns with our typical investors program but raises your income generating potential. 


Expert home selection

With a range of properties hand selected by our expert team, you can easily weigh your options. Whether you are looking for a home that sleeps 4 or 20 we'll find the perfect fit for your investment portfolio. Each home we recommend is specifically chosen for location and ROI potential.


Unmatched marketing 

The vacation rental market is a progressive, growth driven industry and in order for your home to stand out, it needs the right strategy. With knowledge derived from over 12 years of industry experience, we implement a strategy that ensures our listings receive maximum exposure. We combine digital marketing with international partnerships and a dedicated family of over 70,000 former guests to round out our efforts.


Financial reporting

We are numbers oriented, in that we provide extensive reporting based on your chronological preference. Our reports include a complete financial analysis, and forecasting metrics for present and future revenue expectations. This will keep you focused on planning a medium to long term exit strategy, one designed to maximize your net gains and minimize your taxes.

Join the Investors Program

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